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Redefining and Redesigning STEM Education

Student Run Hong Kong Based Educational Non-Profit Organisation


Sprouting Classroom,

an online educational video platform designed for Hong Kong secondary school students.

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Our Ideals

Future Adaptability

Through STEM education, we hope to equip our students with innovative and scientific thinking in order to help them survive and prosper in the ever-changing future society.

Educational Equality

By providing borderless education for students with financial needs or learning difficulties, we hope to renovate Hong Kong’s educational system and eliminate educational inequality.

Our Goals

Keep it free

We endeavour to keep all of our projects completely free.

Keep it local

We design all of our teaching content based on the Hong Kong curriculum.

Keep it accessible

We do not select our students based on talent or merit.

Our Projects

School-based courses

We collaborate with schools in need and run free STEM courses for them.

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Community services

We organise both short-term and long-term activities that are open to the public.

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We construct online platforms that provide learning resources through interactive multi-media.

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